Directions to Fiddletown CA  and the Casa
Where we are located/directions:

Fiddletown, California is in the heart of
Amador County wine country, 6 miles east of
Highway 49 at Plymouth on Fiddletown Road
and 3 miles from Northern California's
Shenandoah Valley and its wineries.  We are
about 1 hour from Sacramento and 2.5 hours
from the Bay Area.  

You can click on photo to your left for
customized, zoomable  map and directions to
Fiddletown, but be sure to save the below
directions for the last 1/4 mile to the farm.


Take eastbound Highway 80, then Highway
50 to South Lake Tahoe.

Get off Highway50 at
Howe/Power Inn Road
exit. Take right turn (south) off  exit ramp, go
one block and turn
left/east at light on Folsom
.  Go 1/2 mile and take a right at the light
Jackson Highway/Highway 16).

Go east for 30 miles to junction where
Highway 16 merges into Highway 49.   
Continue straight through intersection going
east/north on Highway 49 for 2 miles into the
town of Plymouth.

Directions from Plymouth / Highway 49

In Plymouth on Highway 49 look for sign for
Shenandoah Valley & Fiddletown
Shenandoah/Fiddletown Road), Turn
right/east out of town.

When this road forks 1/2 mile out of Plymouth,
continue right / straight up the hill on

Fiddletown Road.
(Left fork will take you to
the Shenandoah Valley, where you'll want to
go later but not right now).

Fiddletown Road runs on a hilltop for next 2
miles giving nice views--and as you are
almost here,
do slow down and enjoy them.
Then the road sweeps down into the  valley
next to creek for last 3 miles until you reach

Once in Fiddletown, go past most of
buildings   until the first right you can take
American Flat Road. (there are no other turns
up the hill to your right once you are in town,
so relax).  

Take a  
right turn up the hill, & go 1/4
mile--(past the old school, Suckertown Road  
& the cemetery).  We are on the right, tucked
in off the road on a long private drive past the
fields. There is a sign at the entrance.

If all else fails, call: 209-245-6042
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