The Kaiser family moved into the historic "Billy Brown House" on Main Street, Fiddletown in 1957 and developed a homestead where the four children grew up, learning the country skills of cutting their own firewood, raising chickens, milking a cow, and growing their own fruits and vegetables. In 1987 Alice returned from years of urban life, took over 15 acres of the family land, and built a small farm house for her son and herself in "the meadow" where the family cow had once grazed. She established a csa market garden in 1993, selling to local subscribers, farmers markets and restaurants, and added two guest rooms to the farm house in 2000.
Alice continues the tradition of local community activism begun by her parents and grandparents, with involvement in the Fiddletown Preservation Society, which has restored and preserved four historic buildings and runs the museum in the Chew Kee Store; and in the Mother Lode Harvest, an association of local agricultural producers.


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